How to Play with your Pet Cat at home ?


Something essential in the life of any feline is having fun and games, especially if it’s a puppy or a young cat. If you play with your cat, not only will he be happy, entertained, happy and fit, but also a way for the owner to relax and enjoy himself. For this, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. Just use “homemade” toys.

Most home-grown felines like to play with strings (you should always be careful not to eat them and then cause clogs). The simplest toy that we can create is to buy the thread for matambre or similar, like shoelaces.

With a piece of the thread more or less long is enough. Take one end and the other end in front of your cat to see, and move it to both sides. That way you will get their attention. They like to chase things that move in front of their noses.

Some like to play sitting almost without moving from the place. Others, however, if you walk or run to the side of the house (and the thread reaches the ground) will chase you everywhere.

A variation of the simple thread of matambre is to tie one end to a stick so that it is like “a fishing rod” (this is for our comfort). It can be a wooden stick that has left us, a meter of wood that will not serve, a metal hanger … whatever you have at hand and that you find comfortable. You can also attach to the other end a pellet of paper that are easy to make, a piece of cloth, several strips of cloth so that they remain as a feather duster, a silver paper ball, etc …
Some cats play with the Roll paper from the toilet paper or the kitchen.

Others, leaving them with paper balls and throwing them through the air, are enough for them to run all over the house. Nor can we forget the famous wool balls!

There are also felines who like “fighting” with dolls, clinging to the front legs and kicking the back. Some teddy that is not very big and that we do not mind breaking it will be ideal. We can take part in this game taking care not to be scratched or scratched, and moving the doll so that it will attack him, even something you will like will be that the teddy “hide.”

For example: if you are playing with your cat in the living room, next to the armchair, grab the doll by a corner; When you see it, you hide it on one side. Then make him see it again and hide it; You will see that your cat will be in a position to attack. When you surrender, release the doll so that it will not catch you.

Then there are the more sophisticated cats, chasing the light from the lanterns or the shadows cast on the wall. Of course not everyone does this, so it may be that your cat does not.

Another game that most cats are very attracted to is hiding our hand under a sheet, rug or other type of garment or cloth, and move it from side to side. The cat will notice that something is wandering around underneath and will try to catch your hand.

Another thing that pretty much all cats fascinate is a cardboard box. Yes, yes, something as simple as a shoe box, a cookie or similar. They are often very curious to explore, smell, see what is hidden inside it, or simply put a little head inside (if the box is large enough).

If the box is large and taller than your pussy, take a pencil, a stick, a teddy, etc … and add it to the edge. When your cat sees it, hide it and make a noise with the pencil against the cardboard wall. You will see how the eyes will dilate and begin to play, trying to catch the pencil, the teddy, kicking their forelegs against the walls of the box …

Despite all these ideas, it should not be forgotten that pet stores and veterinary centers have endless toys designed for the game and enjoy your feline. Here are some ideas about toys that you can give your cat:

– Scrapers with springs and balls at its end.
– Mice of rope or rag.
– Plastic balls with bells inside.
– Lasers (Remember that some time ago were very fashionable? Some cats chase the red light, of course not all).
– Plumeritos …

There are many products for cats, but whether they are homemade or bought, what we should always try is to have a fun time for our cats and ourselves.