Who are Smarter – Dogs or Cats?


Infinity of studies show that indeed cats and dogs possess a high degree of intelligence, a concept that finally came to defeat the classic that they taught us from children: animals act only by instinct … now that is clear, a new question is born, who Are they smarter, cats or dogs?

Last year an American newspaper published a note that read “cats are smarter than dogs”. One researcher had conducted an experiment where the animals had to pull a few strings (simulating one of the great cat-like proms that like to play with wool balls), with their paws in order to receive some reward. At the time, the dogs responded better than their opposites. The conclusion was “that there is no evidence that cats understand the operation of the ropes” …

Undoubtedly, cat lovers would surely interpret the results differently. They would explain that “the cat is an independent being”, so it is natural that he has not responded as expected. Or if we wanted to express it in simpler words: “because they would do what others want.”

Either way, the experiment was also common, limited. So it was decided to carry out a more specific and complex study. This time he was in charge of a group of researchers of the University of Oxford. They analyzed the size of the brain in different groups of mammals (a total of 500 species) and compared it with their evolution over 60 million years.

The final result revealed that the brains of the monkeys were the most developed, both in size and in connections, followed by him of horses, dolphins, camels and dogs, who with evolution had developed more connections to socialize With other species, including humans.